Aim To reduce smoking and its health consequences (cancer, lung damage, heart disease, fire injuries)

Health New Zealand, in its publications to date, its current contracts, contacts, and collaborations, provides a unique breadth of vision on tobacco control in New Zealand, with views independent of government and industry

-         from individual smoker to national policy development

-         from the uptake of smoking to quitting

-         from laboratory bench research to population epidemiology

-         based on Dr Laugesen’s experience in national government and non-government organizations

-         spanning many branches of science, enabling science-based advocacy for better policies.

-         communicating electronically by newsletter or scientific journal

-         with a global perspective based on international contacts and every world conference on smoking and health since 1987

-         with a historical New Zealand perspective based on 21 years in national tobacco policy development..

Company assets include a superb collection of tobacco control publications and statistics.

PUBLICATIONS on TOBACCO CONTROL - Dr Murray Laugesen, Health New Zealand.

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