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International tobacco products control database, available annual, 1960-2000 for 23 countries. all variables intntltobcontrol.htm




International tobacco products control database, 1960-2000, 23 countries, advertising and warning variables only




Tobacco products consumption per adult, any one country 1960-00 (cigarettes, cigars, other smoking tobacco)




Cigarette prices per country, 1960-2000.




All variables 1960-2000, per country, incl advertising controls, income, affordability




International Food and Nutrition database: 1961,’65, ’70, ’75, ‘80, ‘85, ’90, ’95, 2000 (Some years missing for some developing countries).

This database supplies added value by converting food supply data to nutritional parameters.

For countries 1 to 24, years as above. For list see Intntl database.htm




For countries 1 to 29, years as above. For list see Intntl database.htm




For countries 1 to 29, per country for available years..




For countries 1 to 58, data for either 1995 or 2000; no other years.




For any one country, data from 9 available years; or 2 countries per 1 year




For any country outside first 29, for the available years.






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