Last updated December 2006.


Aim: Assist smokers, and protect young people, by making cigarettes less addictive


1) Smoking kills and nicotine addicts the smoker - to keep inhaling smoke toxicants.

Most smokers know they ought to quit for health reasons. Tobacco addiction varies from mild to fierce. A less fierce addiction could make it easier for many adolescents to quit smoking before becoming regular smokers, and make it easier for many older smokers to quit.

The nicotine content of cigarettes is excessive and can be reduced by the manufacturer if the law requires it.

2) Addiction to smokeless tobacco can be just as addictive, but no smoke is inhaled and the risks of using smokeless are about 20 times less than the risk of smoking cigarettes.

3) Addiction to nicotine - as occurs with about 6% of nicotine gum chewers - does not kill the chewer.

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