The effect of the first cigarettes of the day – four hand-rolled cigarettes over 2 hours.

30 minutes apart

Health New Zealand 2009

Average of values from four smokers smoking hand-rolled cigarettes, December 2007. Urge to smoke measured just before and just after smoking. CO measured before and 5 minutes after finishing each cigarette. dataentryform.xls


With each cigarette the carbon monoxide increases and the urge to smoke decreases.

This is due to the fact that each inhaled puff of cigarette smoke supplies carbon monoxide and nicotine; the cause of addiction and the toxic gases are supplied in the same mixture.


The data were collected as part of the following research project:


LAUGESEN, M., EPTON, M., FRAMPTON, C., GLOVER, M., LEA, R.A. Hand-rolled cigarette smoking patterns, compared with factory-made cigarette smoking in New Zealand men. BMC Public Health 2009, 9:194. (Open Access – full text free).



Health New Zealand 2007