December 2006

Screening for airway impairment


The patient inhales fully, then exhales with maximum force



The PulmoLife is quickly programmed according to height, gender and age. A disposable mouthpiece is supplied After blowing into it, PulmoLife displays the patients’ FEV1 (2.78 as illustrated) and FEV1% predicted (72% as illustrated).

The percentage of the result against predicted values helps determine the level of severity of respiratory impairment.

The PulmoLife then uses these results to calculate and display an optional Lung Age estimation – but for older patients FEV1% is more use. Decline in lung function in susceptible smokers is twice that of non-smokers, on average.

Health New Zealand Ltd took delivery of this device in December 2006.

The best of three technically- satisfactory readings is recorded.

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